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In Kamen Rider Zi-O Ep. 40: 2017- The Grand Climax, after obtaining the Den-O Ride Watch, the new Grand Zi-O Ride Watch suddenly formed in Sougo’s hands! A Ride Watch that contains the strongest of powers: the combined strength of all the past Heisei Riders! However, after Sakurai Yuuto and Deneb intervened in the timeline, in order to lớn prevent Sougo from becoming the demonic king of the future, the Grand Zi-O Ride Watch disappeared! After returning to lớn Kujigojido, Sougo and the others realize that Takuya (Another Den-O) strongly wished for something, và that once that wish is fulfilled, the contract with the Imagin will be complete, however…

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The CW has released a new extended trailer for The Flash, offering up some new footage from several upcoming episodes và teasing the unmasking of Zoom:

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In this joyous và celebratory drama, Zoey Clarke is a whip-smart computer coder forging her way in San Francisco. After an unusual event, she starts to hear the innermost wants Read more

In this joyous và celebratory drama, Zoey Clarke is a whip-smart computer coder forging her way in San Francisco. After an unusual event, she starts lớn hear the innermost wants Read more

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Yuto warns Momotaros that Sougo is a demon king who will destroy the world. Momotaros decides lớn take back the Den-O Watch which in turn makes the Grand Zi-O Watch disappear.

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Yuto finds Another Den-O and the Imagin have traveled back khổng lồ May 11, 2017 and asks the others not to lớn interfere as he takes care of this.


Back at the shop, Yukihiro tells them about Takuya who is the little brother of his late girlfriend, Sayuri. May 11, 2017 is the day Yukihiro took Sayuri out of the hospital and Takuya believes that led to lớn Sayuri’s death.

Geiz, Woz and Momotaros travel back lớn 2017 where the Imagin is already rampaging. Geiz says Momotaros stands out too much, so Momotaros attempts lớn hop back into Geiz. But Geiz pushes Woz forward for Momotaros khổng lồ possess instead.


Momotaros henshins to Ginga Finally và takes on the Imagin. But Woz forces Momotaros out of his body, allowing the Imagin lớn get away.

Another Den-O Takuya attacks 2017 Takuya before finding Sayuri, vowing lớn protect her.


Geiz henshins và takes on Another Den-O outside.

When Takuya regains consciousness, he sees Yukihiro wheeling Sayuri out of the hospital. But Yukihiro is too weak lớn chase after them. Sougo arrives and catches him in his arms before he collapses.

Another Den-O Takuya also sees Yukihiro & Sayuri & tries to chase after them, but Geiz stops him. Before Geiz can deliver a finisher, however, the Imagin comes rolling through in the Den
Liner & proposes he & Another Den-O join forces. Takuya hops into the train & they leave together.


Back in the hospital, Sougo fills 2017 Takuya in on what is going on. Takuya says of course he would never forgive Yukihiro , but Sougo relates what Yukihiro told him about Sayuri’s situation. Sayuri had a terminal illness with no cure, but she was too afraid khổng lồ tell her brother.

Yukihiro says he would rather not tell Takuya the truth as Takuya hating him and having someone to blame may make things easier for Takuya.


Sougo says there must be a good reason for Yukihiro taking Sayuri from the hospital, but future
Takuya is interfering with that. 2017 Takuya would never want that & he asks Sougo to lớn stop future
Takuya from doing so.

Momotaros is impressed by Sougo, but they argue over why Sougo didn’t ask Yukihiro where he took Sayuri. Woz sees a photo of the couple và knows exactly where they could have gone.


Deneb overhears và tells Yuto about the location, but also that Sougo might be a good guy. Yuto tells Deneb not to be fooled so easily.

Yukihiro và Sayuri arrive at the lighthouse, as do Sougo and Momotaros who arrive just in time lớn stop Another Den-O & the Imagin.

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Sougo tries khổng lồ explain that Yukihiro is doing this for Sayuri’s sake, but future
Takuya refuses to lớn listen. The Imagin, meanwhile, summons future clones of himself to lớn help.

Yuto arrives & tells Momotaros lớn give Sougo the Den-O Watch. Yuto says he doesn’t trust Sougo, but he acknowledges him.

Momotaros tosses the Den-O Watch to Sougo. As Yuto henshins, all the Watches combine again to become the Grand Zi-O Watch. Và for the first time, Sougo uses the powers of all the Heisei Riders lớn become Kamen Rider Grand Zi-O.


Sougo uses a couple of the legend Rider powers against Another Den-O.

Momotaros tries khổng lồ henshin, but Woz reminds him he gave Sougo Den-O’s power. Sougo decides khổng lồ summon Den-O và Momotaros is able lớn hop in. Deneb hops onto Yuto & they all work to finish off the Imagins.

Sougo delivers an All đôi mươi Time Break at Another Den-O and Takuya is released.


Meanwhile, Takuya finds Yukihiro & Sayuri at the lighthouse. She tells her brother not to be mad at Yukihiro as she had asked him to bring her here to see this view one last time. Takuya is happy.

Deneb says Den
Liner is safe back in their control. Yuto asks Sougo if he is really Tokiwa Sougo. Sougo asks why, but Yuto doesn’t continue và says it’s alright.

Yuto and Deneb leave. Sougo leaves Momotaros alone just as he is complementing him being cool, but no Ryotaro though.


Sougo is transported to the future where he comes face lớn face with Oma Zi-O once again. Oma Zi-O challenges Sougo khổng lồ a battle.

Episode Thoughts

This was a very nice arc. It definitely made me want to watch Den-O very much. It was lots of fun & had a lot of heart. Definitely feels like what I’ve seen of Den-O in all the other instances they’ve popped up over the years.

It was especially fun seeing Keisuke Watanabe again play a different character and be able lớn play around again as Momotaros.

For the continuing arc of the season, they were definitely dropping some foreshadowing with Yuto’s comments about Sougo at the end. I wonder what that could mean.

I do lượt thích the Grand Zi-O Watch a lot, just from a toy perspective. It’s a nice collector’s thành tựu I think. Hehe Not sure about how practical it can be having to lớn carry that huge thing around in battle lol

Definitely looking forward lớn seeing Hiryu again next episode. Và now I realize we’ve really reached the 40s! The kết thúc of Zi-O is almost near. But I definitely feel lượt thích we still haven’t truly gotten lớn the endgame yet. So I will expect every single one of these final episodes will have something big or interesting. There’s a lot of threads lớn tie together & wrap up. Và they should be able to bởi so now that all the tributes are finished.

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